Soccer: My Escape

Jeorge Morales, Contributing Writer

This article originally appeared in Hoover High School’s The Cardinal in September 2022. It has been lightly edited for republication.

My dream has always been to make it big in the soccer world. I began playing at the age of seven, even though I was afraid to start. I always had the support of my mom and dad. Even though I wasn’t the best at the sport, it did not stop me from pursuing my dream.

I realized while growing up that I wouldn’t want to do anything else but play until I physically can’t anymore. My father and I would get into terrible arguments because of soccer, but the sport was so important to me that I was willing to risk my relationship with my father.

Soccer is more than people think it is. Many think it’s a bunch of guys just chasing a ball for 90 minutes, trying to score a goal, but I can tell you it is more than that.

If I am feeling sad, anxious, scared or feeling any type of pain, soccer is always my escape from reality. Every time I step on the field, all of my problems disappear while I’m there. The sport is all about having fun and creating new memories every time you step on the field.

Everything in my life involves soccer, and there is a reason for that. I want to be successful in life because of soccer and if things do not go my way I still want to stick to a job that is related to soccer.

I have one more soccer season left, and then I will face the real world. I will make my mom’s wish come true by attending college, and I will hopefully still play soccer. I want to show how a seven-year-old kid who was scared to start playing can make her proud.